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Day Time Location
Monday 6:15-7:15pm Macquarie
  6-8pm Barton (Telopea)*
Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm Holder
  6-7pm Belconnen*
Thursday 6-7pm Belconnen*
Friday 6:15-7:15pm Holder
  6-8pm Barton (Telopea)*
What Our Members Say...
  • 2 years ago, I was introduced to Taekwon-do by a close friend. My first impressions were how amazingly well-mannered the younger students were. As a father of 3 under 10 this is something I noticed immediately! I started my journey with Fusion and over time I got 2 of my children involved in training with Instructor Nick at Fusion. They now love training twice a week after school and practicing constantly. I love that they get a great mix of physical education, appropriate discipline and the feeling of accomplishment from learning the art of Taekwon-do. The skills they learn will always serve them well, and I encourage other parents to come along and try Taekwon-do with their kids.

    - Robert, Fusion Parent & Student

  • "I like to going to Taekwon-do because it is fun and I learn new skills and play interesting games"

    - Oliver (age 9)

  • "Our three children have been learning Taekwon-do with Fusion Martial Arts for nearly two years now and we could not be happier! Our children have learnt a range of valuable skills (including strong discipline) and improved their self-confidence, coordination and core body strength. Fusion Martial Arts has inspired our children to apply themselves in a diligent manner and we have been particularly impressed by Nick's dedication. Nick consistently puts a great deal of effort into his classes and is finely attuned to his student's needs. We would thoroughly recommend Fusion Martial Arts to anyone."

    - Zoe, Fusion Parent

  • "Nick is a good teacher who loves doing it and helps us a lot"

    - Sarah (age 12)

  • "If someone asks Nick a question, he listens and if he does not know the answer he will look it up for us.  He doesn't just ignore us"

    - Benjamin (age 9)

St. Jude’s Annual Fete this Saturday (Fusion Demo @ 1:30pm)

Many apologies for this request coming at such a late date, but it only recently came to my attention that St. Jude’s Primary was having their annual fete this weekend. Today I finally received a time and confirmation as to our demonstration and we would greatly appreciate it if you have a half hour to spare from 1:15pm this Saturday.
Our demonstration will be done on the oval a short time after a Zumba demonstration, so I’d like to have something to up-sta… er… compliment and improve from that. The demo will be relativity short (10-ish minutes) and I’ll love to have as many of our students as possible attend in dobok to participate in the demo. We will take some time this Friday in class to prepare so the kids will know what they are in for.
If you can make it, please let me know ASAP. I will be at St. Jude’s from 12:45pm on Saturday to setup, and anyone participating in the demo I’d ask to please be there by 1:15pm for the 1:30pm demo.
St. Jude’s Primary
Holder, ACT (map: http://fusionmartialarts.com.au/classes.php)
Saturday, March 16th
Demo starts at 1:30pm (please be there by 1:15pm)
Thank you, and taekwon!