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  6-8pm Barton (Telopea)*
Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm Holder
  6-7pm Belconnen*
Thursday 6-7pm Belconnen*
Friday 6:15-7:15pm Holder
  6-8pm Barton (Telopea)*
What Our Members Say...
  • 2 years ago, I was introduced to Taekwon-do by a close friend. My first impressions were how amazingly well-mannered the younger students were. As a father of 3 under 10 this is something I noticed immediately! I started my journey with Fusion and over time I got 2 of my children involved in training with Instructor Nick at Fusion. They now love training twice a week after school and practicing constantly. I love that they get a great mix of physical education, appropriate discipline and the feeling of accomplishment from learning the art of Taekwon-do. The skills they learn will always serve them well, and I encourage other parents to come along and try Taekwon-do with their kids.

    - Robert, Fusion Parent & Student

  • "I like to going to Taekwon-do because it is fun and I learn new skills and play interesting games"

    - Oliver (age 9)

  • "Our three children have been learning Taekwon-do with Fusion Martial Arts for nearly two years now and we could not be happier! Our children have learnt a range of valuable skills (including strong discipline) and improved their self-confidence, coordination and core body strength. Fusion Martial Arts has inspired our children to apply themselves in a diligent manner and we have been particularly impressed by Nick's dedication. Nick consistently puts a great deal of effort into his classes and is finely attuned to his student's needs. We would thoroughly recommend Fusion Martial Arts to anyone."

    - Zoe, Fusion Parent

  • "Nick is a good teacher who loves doing it and helps us a lot"

    - Sarah (age 12)

  • "If someone asks Nick a question, he listens and if he does not know the answer he will look it up for us.  He doesn't just ignore us"

    - Benjamin (age 9)

Member News

Grandmaster Hwang Seminar Notes

Exceptionally rough notes from the Seminar. This post will be improved over the next few weeks.


Student Notes:
* Fiona: earned me a “very good” w- thumbs up when asked who her instructor was =)

* Joe: Rising blocks, Side Kick Hands

* Me: Walking stance back foot 30deg? (defined as 25deg?), L-stance too short, ensure walking stance front knee is over heel, Release from Yul-Gok, doing Po-Eun well (w-Mr Paul, a double compliment)!

GM Conversation


* GM learned a lot as a 7th Dan as there were many things that he was doing wrong. Always be open to learn. We are allowed to forget, students are allowed to remind us, etc.

* Pay equal respect to ALL students; Kup and Dan. Spoke of instructor who didn’t want to bend down to readjust a student’s leg so he kicked it instead, GM found this extremely disrespectful. Have respect from Instructor to Student, be humble, be courteous, have integrity.

* GM encouraged us to sit in chairs at the side in order for us to be comfortable while we observed the seminar. This differs from the traditional but the GM specifically wanted us to be comfortable. Relax, ask many questions at any time. “feel better when you are relaxed” -GM. At belt presentation, specifically mentioned that my questions were good and help everyone else learn thanks to me asking them.

* Student’s should clearly say the pattern name “in respect for the man” they are named after. Grunting out 2 syllables was disrespectful.

* Took time to have the 9 Training Secrets read aloud

* Choi pronounced “CH-eh”

* When transitioning between stances, feet should not be any closer than 1/2 shoulder width. The reason for this is to maintain stability throughout the movement, should you be disturbed during transition (as narrower feet could result in loss of balance). This is also more of a natural motion/gait.

* When transitioning from full-facing to full-facing, facing should be maintained throughout the motion (e.g. no hip twist).

* Middle punches performed at shoulder height, but “water would run down the arm towards the fist” (so fist is to be slightly below shoulder). Middle blocks differ per type of block; but are of course meant to cover the mid-section (so use logic and don’t execute too high/low). E.G. Inner Forearm Block; palm/wrist in-line with shoulder (so like the punch just at/under shoulder height).

* Punches (e.g. arms) should reach for the target, but not shoulders. That is, arms should be at extension (but short of over-extension) with the sense of reaching.

* In the “relax, re-extend, execute” cycle of a technique, during Re-extend the punching (or otherwise) fist should not return to the hip, but just in front of hip with the wrist in a natural slightly rotated position. If the fist is returned to the hip, students have a tendency to punch incorrectly (elbow out). Once again, the focus was on natural movement.

* Per the General – Takeown-do movement is like a river; sometimes slow, sometimes fast, there are waterfalls and sometimes it stops.

* Minor breath on Connected motion first technique (much like, though more subtle than Continuous motion)

* Everything moves at the same time during a technique, not foot then hands, etc. all together

* Fist not fully retracted during fast motion, seemed to be more in front of belly/in natural relaxed position rather than re-chambered at hip between techniques 1 and 2.

* Continuous Motion; 1 breath, 2 techniques. Exhalation at technique 1 but breath continues throughout whole movement.

* X-Stance Technique timing; Execute technique as first foot lands as that is when the body is still in motion. If you execute at second foot landing you’ve lost all of the additive momentum from the forward body motion.

* Angle Punch is to reverse Breast line.

* Slow motion has no audible breath

* Connecting motion has audible breath at first technique, similar to Continuous

* W-Shape Block, driven by the body/arms come with body (so they don’t move?/move much?). Leg raise/foot stomp performed almost as an upward knee, not arching/relaxed but with purpose.

* Consecutive kicking motion – 2 kicks done without dropping the leg (kick/re-chamber/kick)

* The neck exists on the border of Middle and High section, and can be considered to be in both.

* Twin Outer Forearm (& Twin Knife-Hand Blocks & U-Shape Grasp); Arms are doing the work, body should not follow the arms/lean in. Focus on stability and not offering a target by leaning forward.

* Both Korean and English are the official languages of Taekown-do, so there is no issue with using English in class what so ever. But in Ref course, hand signals were put paramount in order to clearly communicate rather than using any language (Korean or otherwise).

* Bowing – to 15deg, don’t lose eye contact

Sine Wave/Knee Spring(SW/KS)
* Kinds of SW/KS:
#1 – Down…Up/Down: motion-based
#2 – Up/Down: stationary, no forward motion, vertical only
#2.1 – Down…Up/Down, Up/Down: fast motion (motion-based + stationary really)
#3 – Down…Up/Down, (down)Up/Down, (down)Up/Down[, (down)Up/Down]: continuous motion, minor initial (down) motion followed by full Up/Down (e.g. Po-Eun)

* #2 and #2.1 rear heel raised slightly, not too high, subtle

* Connecting (Continuous?) Motion described as “One AND Two”

* Coordination of motion; Step to happen with execution of technique. “Step” seemed to be placement of the heel as opposed to contact of the ball of the foot with the ending position. Heel seemed to function as the baseline/drum beat for timing of the entire technique.

* Peak of the Up portion of the SW/KS is as the feet are passing parallel.

* Naturally “fall” (or really crest) into second Down.

* While described as “fast motion” still take your time to execute the SW/KS correctly

* After jumping techniques, SW/KS #1 should still be performed on 1 leg

* Up (second driving leg) very important

* First down motion assists with the up motion. Second down adds gravity to the strength of the punch. Analysis/Opinion: This is very much in-line with the Bujinkan interpretation of the SW/KS. Bujinkan looks to which leg is “driving” the motion. In order to produce drive off the initial leg, a bend in the knee is required (e.g. the first down) and the first driving leg/loading of the second driving leg results in the upward motion, while the extension of the second driving leg results in the final down motion (or drop in the Bujinkan vernacular). So in addition to “down…up,down” the SW/KS can also be thought of as “driving leg 1, driving leg 2, technique execution”

Pattern Specific
* Chon-Ji: Focused on SW/KS, especially executing technique in coordinating with foot landing.

* Dan-Gun: Twin Outer Forearm (see rules)

* Do-San: Release, turn wrist to release ~90deg to rotate “oval” from advantageous for opponent to weak/thru gap. Release done with forward body movement, not arm.

* Do-San: #2 et’al, SW/KS #2

* Won-Hyo: #1 weight shift to R leg to allow movement of L leg (e.g. load R leg to allow movement, first Down and prep for Up of SW/KS).

* Yul-Gok: X-Stance technique timing (see rules)

* Yul-Gok: #1 is a measurement for the punch (minor is to prepare for reaction force). Arm is moved Horizontally into position as you lower your body from Parallel Ready Stance into Sitting Stance; no (not much) up and no down movement of placed arm.

* Jhoon-Gun: #1, #2, Twin Palm Heel (et’al) don’t lean, let the arms extend and keep the body vertical.

* Jhoon-Gun: Back fist to Release; Front foot slips from L-Stance into Walking Stance as the grabbed arm drops into an almost upset punch position. Elbow comes to hip and forward body movement is used to effect the release. Arm is dropped vertically rather than in an arc. Straight shot between Back Fist position to Upset Punch-esque position. Fist is in Upset Punch-esque position before body is fully finished moving forward.

* Tae-Gae: #3 back fist position to upper lip/philtrum of opponent at side/back.

* Tae-Gae: Back Fist/Low Block combo, Spot back fist before/at start of motion

* Tae-Gae: W-Shape Block (see rules)

* Hwa-Rang: Ready Stance C left over right with left 4 fingers over right 4 fingers (L pointer finger to R pinky)

* Hwa-Rang: pointed out Vertical Stance

* Hwa-Rang: Hand grab/release, grabbing hand’s palm placed over fore fist with fingers/thumb gripping at sides (as opposed to palm on top or thumb on top). Grab and pull with body, moving punching arm to approx 45deg bend. Rear foot heel raised slightly. Grab/pull done without body, body/rear foot follows to near original position of the punching fist.

* Hwa-Rang: Turning kicks, kick, land foot at half shoulder width and kick again. Name of motion not mentioned, but it was not Consecutive kicking motion.

* Hwa-Rang: L-Stance Obverse Punch #1 (Funky Punch), Encyclopedia incorrectly illustrates a U-shaped motion, while it describes a pulling of the front foot back. Written description is correct. Pull front foot from Walking Stance to L-Stance WHILE executing the punch (so the pull of the foot is additive to the punch).

* Choong-Moo: This is a dan-level pattern.

* Choong-Moo: Jumping side kick performed at below hip height (p 190 v10) and to land with both feet. The trick here is that unlike every other kick we train in TKD, this kick is not retracted (though Mr. Paul did retract to a small degree thanks to height of his jump). GM was content with a below hip height kick that was then “dropped” into the landing with the leg left extended. This can be thought of as almost a kick to the knee followed by a scrape down the front of the shin (but performed higher up on your opponent). This was practiced from #5-#8.

* Choong-Moo: U-Shape block done in Fixed stance (believe the E says L-Stance?). Fixed stance makes more sense as this is one of the few techniques we lean forward into, and leaning forward while maintaining a 70/30 weight distribution in an L-Stance seems odd.

* Kwang-Gae: Reviewed this in separate groups (I was with Mr Bower) and GM oversaw. No corrections made for our group.

* Po-Eun: #6-#12 Continuous Motion uses SW/KS #3 (full SW/KS-lite), ensuring to “stop” after each motion a the minor first down is performed.

* Po-Eun: “Pulse” inward side fist block done in front of body

* Po-Eun: U-Shape Grasp (see rules)

* Po-Eun: Twin elbow slow motion; From U-Shaped Grasp, arms separate then come back to center then execute Twin Side Elbow. Feet moving slowly entire time, hands have to keep up with feet.

* Po-Eun: Post twin elbow, look forward for side-back fist (as opponent is to the side back, not back so in peripheral vision)

* Po-Eun: Wedging block performed across, no looping back/rolling of the wrists

* Gae-Beak: Has all motions; fast, connecting and continuous

* Gae-Beak: #3-4 SW/KS is #2.1, focus was on the second half of the fast motion SW/KS ensuring back heel only came up slightly.

* Gae-Beak: Double Arch-Hand block done with SW/KS #2. Lead hand forward, rear hand back but further out from body with both palms on an approx 45deg plain down and back. Hands do not touch/make a diamond but you do look thru the gap. performed in reverse half facing and powered by the hip twist (per GM to Catherine when she asked about hip twist, it’s still in ITF!). Defense against a twin kick (“I don’t know how realistic” -GM).


My Own Analysis/Opinion

* Heavy focus on sitting stance punching due to simplification of Sine Wave/Knee Spring (SW/KS). Once timing of SW/KS was consistent, moved into Walking Stance/Mid Punch while still focusing on SW/KS. Then onto L-Stance/Mid Inner Forearm in prep for Chon-Ji. Also focused on coordination of Hand, feet, breath, eyes.

* Heavy focus on natural movement and to a lesser degree conservation of movement. E.G. move naturally but only when you need to (as with no hip twist when going from full-facing to full-facing).

* Heavy focus on continuing to learn, and to help each other learn. When students, be they senior or junior were brought up to the front mistakes were corrected but not criticized. Everyone was encouraged to make corrections to seniors and juniors alike, and seniors were encouraged to take this constructive criticism on-board. To paraphrase the GM: “if you could do everything correctly, you wouldn’t be at the seminar”.

Grand Master Hwang Seminar, May 23-25 2014 Canberra

Grand Master Hwang, the third person to be graduated to the rank of Grand Master (9th Dan) by General Choi, will be in Canberra for a seminar from Friday May 23rd through Sunday May 25th. The Seminar will be held on the grounds of Telopea Park School in Barton (directions: New South Wales Crescent, Barton ACT 2600) in the Main Gym. The Gym is circled in red below and entrance to the school grounds is indicated by the red arrow:


While much of the weekend is focused on Black Belt basics and patterns, all ranks are invited and encouraged to participate during all aspects of the seminar! Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon are likely to be the only times that Color Belts will sit and watch much of the time.

Approximate Schedule of Events:

Be sure to arrive in dobok and ready to train no less than 15 minutes before the above listed start-times!

Further information can be found on Mr Bower’s Tong-Il Taekwon-do website, Facebook page and Seminar page. If you haven’t already, you can register online or via the Seminar PDF Form.

What to bring:

Also please be sure to have a clean dobok!

December 2013 Grading A Success!

Hello Fusion-ites!

Firstly, a very big THANK YOU to all the student’s who worked so very hard on their patterns, exercises and fundamental movements; all of this hard work showed well during the grading! I’d also like to extend thanks to Mr Daniels for sitting on the grading panel time time round. Mr. Daniels will be going for his 4th Dan this year so the opportunity was taken to give him some grading panel experience (as only 4th Dans and above can sit on grading panels). Mr. Daniels also offered a few observations on our class which will give me an opportunity to improve my instruction.

I am meeting with Mr. Bower tonight, so you will have your results in-class on Wednesday (so the suspense will be minimal!).

Please Note: Due to ongoing construction at St Jude’s, we have been relegated to the outdoor shelter area we utilized on Wednesday last week (the area outdoors to the left of the Hall). It is my understanding that this will also be the case for the first 3-4 weeks when we return next term. It looks like the weather will be playing nice this week, but I’d suggest bringing along a water bottle as Friday is forecasted to be 28 degrees.

Lastly, just today I setup a Facebook page for Fusion!

If you are on Facebook, please take a moment and Like our page. I will be endeavoring to mirror information between our official website and our Facebook page so that everyone is kept up-to-date.

Instructor Nick

Grading Dec-06-13 1 Grading Dec-06-13 5 Grading Dec-06-13 4 Grading Dec-06-13 3 Grading Dec-06-13 2

ACT/NSW Tournament This Sunday!

Other than myself, we have yet to have any other Fusion students register for the ACT/NSW Tournament this weekend :(
As there are a number of students traveling interstate from Norwa, Woy Woy and Sydney this is a bad showing for us here in Fusion Canberra, especially for something taking place in Deakin. As such, I’m trying to drum up some late registrations for patterns and sparring. This is an excellent opportunity to use your in-class skills in a competition setting as well as a great place to meet other students from around the region.
The Tournament is from 9am to 5pm in Deakin (see map below), though junior students will not be expected to attend all day as the junior events are completed first (so likely 9-12 noon or so). The registration form needs to be filled in (attached and I’ll have some printed for class this arvo), and the registration fee is $60 for entry into any/all events payable to Instructor Nick either today or Sunday.
For those of you who do not want to compete, you are more than welcome to come out to have a look to see what a Taekwon-do Tournament is all about! Come in dobok if you can help with running the Tournament or not if you would just like to watch.
Mr. Bower has said there are a good number of junior students competing in patterns and sparring so there is a lot of fun to be had by Fusion students who are keen. This would be an excellent opportunity to try out that sparring gear!
I can tell you that we definitely have some Silver if not Gold Medal sparrers in class if you were just to sign up for the Tournament! And I’d say we have a Bronze or two in Patterns as well.
Additionally, Mr. Bower has advised that Senior Master Jamie Moore (8th Dan Black Belt) will be in attendance for our ACT/NSW Tournament!
If you can make it, and if your Student has had fun play-sparring at home, let’s give them a shot in the ring this weekend!
Thank you, and Taekwon!
Instructor Nick
NSW-ACT Taekwon-Do State Championships Registration Sheet (PDF)

The venue is at the JUNIOR Girls Grammer School on Grey Street (NOT Girls Grammer on Melbourne Ave). This is the same venue that was used for our last Regional Grading. A map to the venue is below (or see: http://goo.gl/maps/mKRlc ):

Inline image 1

Tournament – ACT/NSW State Taekwon-Do Championships

On Sunday May 26th Authentic Taekwon-do Canberra (with some help from Fusion Martial Arts) will host the ACT/NSW State Taekwon-Do Championships!

This event is open to all Martial Arts students (including our color-belt Gup students as well as our youngest mosquitoes!) and will feature the following events:

Our very own Instructor Nick plans on competing in Patterns and Special Techniques, but there will be age and experience brackets for all students who wish to compete. If there is enough interest, we may also have some of the following as either events or as demonstrations:

Details are yet to be confirmed, but this will be an all-day event (9am to 5pm-ish, but our younger students should be finished by early afternoon) held here in Canberra (likely at Canberra Girls Grammar in Deakin) and entrance fees should be commensurate with grading fees (e.g. around $50).

Instructor Nick and Friends will do some demonstrations of the various events in class at the beginning of Term 2. If you are interested in competing please ask Instructor Nick for further details!



Grading Friday @ Girls Grammer – VENUE/TIME CHANGE 6:15-8:30pm

Hello Fusion Students & Parents!

I always say that I love being wrong as it gives me an opportunity to learn… I’m going to try and hang to this belief as I write this post… =)
This is a friendly reminder that we have our first Regional Grading of the year is this Friday and if you are in town and available Friday night, I’d love to see you come out and support our students grading!
Please show up in dobok & belt and be ready to train. There is no charge for attendance if you are not grading. Those students that are grading this Friday have received a separate email (if I missed you, please let em know ASAP). Those of you who are out-of-town or otherwise not grading Friday, we do have another in-class grading on Friday May 3rd from 3:30-5:30pm (our regular class time at St. Jude’s). If you are not 100% confident, take this opportunity to use the Regional Grading as a refresher for the May 3rd grading!
Please note that there has been a venue and time change; the Regional Grading will now start from 6:30pm, but please be ready to train by 6:15pm. White Belt students will be done by 7-7:15pm so the little-tackers won’t be out too late.
It has also been brought to my attention that the venue for Friday’s Regional Grading is at the JUNIOR Girls Grammar School on Grey Street, NOT Girls Grammer on Melbourne Ave. A map to the venue is below (or see: http://goo.gl/maps/mKRlc ):
Inline image 1
My apologies for the incorrect information until now!
I have also attached Mr. Bower’s (our 6th Dan Regional Instructor) April Newsletter for your reading pleasure. Authentic Taekwon-do is a partner organisation of ours here in Canberra (as well as the school Instructor Nick trains at). We are in the process of working out a cross-training agreement with Authentic, so if you are interested in some additional training opportunities around town please let me know and I will provide you with the information.
I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of school holidays! And I hope to see many of you there on Friday!
Instructor Nick
Attachment: Authentic Taekwon-do Newsletter April 2013

Canberra Regional Grading on April 19th

Hello Parents and Students of Fusion Martial Arts @ St. Jude’s/Canberra Montessori!

As advised in our first email of the year, our first grading of the year is next Friday April 19th from 6:15pm to 8:30pm at Canberra Girls Grammar Junior Campus in Deakin. This is the first Friday of school holidays and I have been advised that as such, many of you will be out of town :( While I am actively encouraging everyone to attend (even if you are NOT grading) this regional grading, we will also hold a grading in-class on Friday May 3rd from 3:30-4:30pm (or regular class time).

On Wednesday we did an overview of the grading requirements in-class, so everyone received a refresher. In general, I would suggest to all students hoping to grade to review their patterns and exercises (see: http://fusionmartialarts.com.au/resources.php#Videos ).
Even if you are not grading, I would like to see everyone who can make it there on the day for the experience of a regional grading. There is no fee if you are not grading.
If you are hoping to grade, you will need to bring in your Green Book this Friday! If this is your first grading and you haven’t received your Green Book yet, don’t worry! I will have them in-class on Friday for our new students. In the meantime, you can review the Green Book (along with a number of other resources) online here: http://fusionmartialarts.com.au/resources.php#GreenBook .

Grading Fee:
The Grading Fee is $55 per student payable separate from your quarterly fees (they are NOT direct debited). This payment can be made directly to Instructor Nick in class (please make any cheques out to “Fusion Martial Arts”) or via the direct deposit details. If you decide to use the direct deposit, make sure you include the students name in the memo field!
Account Name: Fusion Martial Arts
BSB: 032778
Acct No: 366421

If you are not successful at the grading, it is continued until the next grading (which means you will not repay the grading fee). Those of you not wishing to grade are still very much encouraged to attend the grading to get a good workout as well as to encourage your fellow students.

Grading Venue:
NOTE: This venue differs from the original email/post.
Canberra Girls Grammar Junior Campus Gym
Grey Street DEAKIN
I hope I’ll see you there!
Instructor Nick

St. Jude’s Fate Demo A Success!

St Judes Fate

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend at such short notice! And a big thank you to Instructor Catherine as well as Raphael’s and Leonardo’s grandmother for the wonderful pictures we got from the day!

After the demo, I hung around doing a “board breaking booth” until 3:30pm! We had many “repeat customers” and a number of interested parents so hopefully we will gain a few more “locals” from St. Jude’s over the next few weeks. Next year I may see if we can do an all-day booth as it definitely was a “hit” (rim-shot!) with the kids.


Instructor Nick

St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013 St Jude's Fate 2013    St Jude's Fate 2013

St. Jude’s Annual Fete this Saturday (Fusion Demo @ 1:30pm)

Many apologies for this request coming at such a late date, but it only recently came to my attention that St. Jude’s Primary was having their annual fete this weekend. Today I finally received a time and confirmation as to our demonstration and we would greatly appreciate it if you have a half hour to spare from 1:15pm this Saturday.
Our demonstration will be done on the oval a short time after a Zumba demonstration, so I’d like to have something to up-sta… er… compliment and improve from that. The demo will be relativity short (10-ish minutes) and I’ll love to have as many of our students as possible attend in dobok to participate in the demo. We will take some time this Friday in class to prepare so the kids will know what they are in for.
If you can make it, please let me know ASAP. I will be at St. Jude’s from 12:45pm on Saturday to setup, and anyone participating in the demo I’d ask to please be there by 1:15pm for the 1:30pm demo.
St. Jude’s Primary
Holder, ACT (map: http://fusionmartialarts.com.au/classes.php)
Saturday, March 16th
Demo starts at 1:30pm (please be there by 1:15pm)
Thank you, and taekwon!

Fusion Martial Arts @ Montessori 2013

Hello Students & Parents!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season!
Our new term begins next Wednesday (February 6th, 2013) and we have a number of changes to catch you all up on. Firstly, we’ll start with the “bad” news:
Due to a change in arrangements at Canberra Montessori, there is no longer a space available to us on campus. Due to this change, we have moved the Dojang a couple hundred meters south to St. Jude’s Primary School (Mulley Street, Holder; the school directly next door to Montessori).
Below is a map from our old Dojang (the red marker) to our new Dojang location (the blue marker):
Inline image 1
Jack Rice, Principle of Canberra Montessori has assured us that he will ensure that the children attending from Canberra Montessori will be escorted to the new Dojang by the beginning of class (3:30pm). Mr. Rice has requested that one of our parent’s volunteer for the responsibility to escort the children across the parking lot to the new Dojang and watch over the children until an Instructor arrives. Otherwise he can arrange for a roster for the teachers and staff of Canberra Montessori to do the escorting.
I generally arrive by 3:10pm so if there are any volunteers to watch over our little monsters students for 10-20 minutes on Wednesdays and/or Fridays, please let me know!
Another change due to the change in venue is that for the time being, we will not be doing a half hour of workshop time. As such, the schedule will be:
Wednesday & Friday:
3:30-4:30pm Junior Class
4:30-5:30pm Senior Class
As before, class will run during the school term on non-public holidays.
Now, the good news:
Our new Dojang offers us quite a bit more space as well as features gymnastics pads, crash mats and somewhat better locker room facilities! Entry into the new Dojang is via the four glass doors just under the blue marker in the image above and the parking is ample and close (noted by the yellow square in the image above).
The availability of the mats and crash pads, as well as a sprung floor stage area, will offer us better and safer training options for our jumping and flying techniques as well as the ability to teach some break falling.
If you have any questions, or if you get lost please give me a call at 0412 083 183.
Looking further into 2013, Mr. Bower has scheduled in our gradings through the end of the year:
Friday, April 19th
Friday, August 16th
Friday, December 6th
The April grading will be done from 5:30-7:30pm in a location that is to be determined. This is a Canberra-wide regional grading that occurs during the April school holidays. This grading will be a different experience for our students as you will be in among a number of other schools. We may have a Wednesday class on April 17th for final preparations (I will keep you posted).
The August and December gradings will be done in class during regular class times. But if you are able to make it to one of the regional gradings (scheduled on the same days from 5:30-7:30pm, locations TBA) I would encourage you to do so.
Further events in 2013 include:
Saturday, March 16: UITF Open National Competition (Maroochydore). 

This event is open to all students of all Gup levels and will include Pattern Competition, Special Techniques, Power Breaking and Free Sparing Competition.

Sunday/Monday, March 17-18: 9th Dan Grand Master Kwan Seminar (Maroochydore). This event is open to all students of all Gup levels and will include a Master class taught by Grand Master Kwan, 9th Dan from the US (he is the Grand Master that graded Instructor Joel to 4th Dan).

Sunday, May 26th: ACT/NSW State Taekwon-Do Championships. This event is open to all students of all Gup levels and will include Pattern Competition, Special Techniques, Power Breaking and Free Sparing Competition.
Saturday, August 10th: Canberra Seminar and Dan Grading – Master Moore (To Be Confirmed). This event is open to all students of all Gup levels and will include a Master class taught by Senior Master Jamie Moore, 8th Dan from Maroochydore (he is the Master Instructor that grades our students to Black Belt, including myself).
A full calendar of Canberra ITF Taekwon-do events can be found here: http://www.tkd-canberra.com.au/index.php/news/2013-calendar
I’ll see you on Wednesday!
Instructor Nick